Pathania pitch-forks need for preserving ecology and protecting fauna at Mansar, Surinsar lake

JAMMU, February 13: While conducting grievance redressal at BJP headquarters, Jammu, Ranbir Singh Pathania, former MLA & J&K BJP Spokesperson, while dealing with a concern regarding mass-scale death of fish and other fauna in the lake, he put fullest weight behind the demand to maintain ecological balance in Mansar. This lake is a notified RAMSAR site and being manned by Wildlife Department.

We need to have a long-term and short-term action plan for the proper preservation, protection of flora and fauna, therein over. Mass-death of fish have sent a distasteful feel down the spine of tourists, on one side, whereas, it has hurt the religious sentiments of the local people. Pathania called for immediate remedial measures so that local people are able to heave a sigh of relief. As precision, swiftness and simplicity is the hallmark of a responsive set up.

Pathania was also vocal about finalization of master Plan for Surinsar Mansar Development Authority.

Whereas building permissions as well as land use applications in area under control of SMDA are languishing for non-finalization of the same. He called for immediate putting in place a mechanism for grant of approval/permission for construction/reconstruction/alteration of residential /commercial buildings in areas falling within the notified jurisdiction of SMDA.  This will facilitate ease of constructing residential /commercial buildings in the specified areas. Pertinent to mention here that Mansar is of immense historic, religious, aesthetic, scientific, research-driven and scientific importance. But successive regimes have discriminated in providing funds for beautifying/developing Mansar. A project seeking promotion of tourism and state of art facilities has been framed and sanctioned by Bharat sarkar. He assured the people that work on the same shall start very soon. 

He further said that we need to take steps for conservation, development projection and propping up of Mansar as an exquisite tourist spot.

Amongst other general issues pertaining to drinking water, building permissions, staff shortage, proper voltage electricity, NABARD roads were projected by a number of deputations who called on in the BJP office with references and telephone calls to concerned officials.

MGNREGA employees expressed gratitude to the Modi government and party leaders for the hike in their wages.

Munish Sharma, senior BJP leader & Incharge BJYM called for a missionary approach while dealing with day-to-day issues of the people. Unlimited funds and developmental initiatives have been unleashed by Bharat Sarkar under dynamic leadership of PM Modi.  We need to ensure that people and rather ‘last man in last row’ gets best out of these schemes/initiatives. We need to be prepared and brace enough to transcend and cash in on gains of decision of 5th August, 2019.              

Shailja Gupta, BJP working committee member, remained present and piloted proceedings where deputations including individual persons canvassed various issues related to the development of their respective areas and their other concerns.