US: Man arrested for living with relative’s corpse for days without reporting it

Georgia [US], June 19 (ANI): An Alabama man, 61, was arrested after failing to report that he had been living “for days” with a dead relative in his home, CNN reported while quoting investigators.

According to a post on the Walker County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page on Wednesday, deputies responded to a home in the small town of Sipsey, 32 miles northwest of Birmingham, on June 9 after receiving a report that a family member had been discovered deceased.
Leandrew Smith Jr was arrested on suspicion of abusing a corpse and transported to the county prison, where he was held on a USD 10,000 cash-only bond, as per CNN.

According to the post, they discovered Smith had been residing there without informing the authorities that his relative had passed away.

Authorities in the Walker County Jail did not answer CNN’s request for comment right away.

How long the victim had been dead in the house and Smith’s legal representation both facts remain unknown.

“Treating a human corpse in a manner that would offend ordinary family sensibilities is a Class C felony,” according to the sheriff’s office’s Facebook post.

According to the post, investigators are looking into the individual’s death’s cause and circumstances, CNN reported.