Prof Arvind Jasrotia delivers Lecture on Constitutional Values in the Department of Botany, Jammu University

JAMMU, January 25: On the eve of the 74th Republic Day, an awareness and popular lecture by Prof. Arvind Jasrotia on “Essence of Constitutional Values” was organised by the Department of Botany, University of Jammu, Jammu.

Earlier, the speaker of the event, Prof. Arvind Jasrotia, an eminent professor of Law and Registrar of the University of Jammu was welcomed and introduced to the audience. During the lecture, Prof. Jasrotia highlighted some main components of the Indian Constitution and discussed in length about the essence of Justice, Liberty of thought, expression and democracy.

According to him, the Constitution of India is live, elastic and subservient to the needs of society. Further, he also stressed upon the responsibilities of Indian citizens towards national public property like the national anthem, national flag and emblem. There are many national schemes floated by the Government of India for providing equality in terms of social status and education which ultimately will strengthen the Law and fundamental rights in the country, he said.

The lecture was attended by all the students and the research scholars of the department. Others who were present during the lecture include Prof. Yash Pal Sharma, Prof. Namrata Sharma, Dr. Sikander Pal, Dr. Geeta, Dr. Harish Chander, Dr. Sajan Thakur and Dr. Romica Verma. The event was coordinated by Ms. Pratibha Magotra and a formal vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. Veenu Kaul.