Jammu police seize 4 vehicles in crackdown on illegal mining

In a major crackdown on illegal mining activities, the Jammu Police seized five vehicles from various locations across the district’s rural zone.

The surprise operation targeted several areas, including Sandwan, Nagrota, and Pounichak. According to police, the Border Police Post (BPP) Sandwan apprehended a tractor without a registration number that was found loaded with sand.

Meanwhile, Police Station (PS) Nagrota seized two tractor-trolleys carrying significant quantities of mined materials operating without the necessary permits (Form A).

Similarly, the Police Post (PP) Pounichak detained another tractor-trolley bearing registration number JK02CJ/3187. This vehicle was reportedly found transporting bajri (gravel) without proper authorization.

The seized vehicles were handed over to the District Mining Officer for further legal proceedings against the offenders.