Govt. College of Education Jammu, Art of Living organise ‘Har Ghar Dhyan’ workshop

JAMMU, June 19: Government College of Education, Jammu, in collaboration with Art of Living, organised a ‘Har Ghar Dhyan’ workshop. The event, held under the patronage of Principal Prof. Aekta Gupta and supervised by NSS Program Officer, Dr. Shubhra Jamwal, saw active participation from faculty members, non-teaching staff and students.

The workshop commenced with a meditation session led by senior faculty and DTC from the Art of Living Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh Chapter, Shakti Sagar and State Coordinator of Art of Living – Bureau of Communications and Projects, Ajay Kapoor. The session included pranayama exercises and guided meditation, which left the participants feeling relaxed and positive.

Prof. Aekta Gupta, in her address, emphasised the significance of such sessions and practices in the present times. The workshop provided an opportunity for faculty members and students to enhance their well-being and learn stress-relieving techniques.

The interactive session also included a question-and-answer segment, where participants had the chance to seek clarification on various aspects of yoga and meditation.

The workshop witnessed active participation from NSS volunteers and faculty members, including Prof. Sarita Dogra, Prof. Shapia Shameem, Prof. Neeraj Verma, Prof. Seema Kumari, Prof. Vinay Lata, Prof. Anuradha, Dr. Anuradha Seth, Prof. Satish, Prof. Shambunath, Dr. Rajinder Kour, Prof. Radhika Mahajan, Prof. Sunita Saryara and non-teaching staff.

The ‘Har Ghar Dhyan’ workshop at Government College of Education, Jammu, provided attendees with valuable insights into the practice of meditation, pranayama and stress management techniques, fostering a sense of relaxation and well-being.

The Union Ministry of Culture has collaborated with Art of Living to reach out to the masses and youth to educate them about mental health and empower them with the tool of meditation for better health. The project was launched on 26th October 2022.