Farooq- Solanki address massive rally at Katra

If BJP has delivered, why Modi, Shah, Yogi need to rush  here  for votes – Solanki

BJP wants to rule by thumb- Dr Farooq

KATRA, April 04: Former Chief Minister and NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah and AICC I/C JK affairs Shri Bharatsinh Solanki along with Congress candidate Raman Bhalla today addressed a mammoth public rally at Katra today hitting out at BJP for ruining Jammu and Kashmir and pushing people to the wall. 

In a hard hitting  speech  Dr Abdullah said that parties of INDIA alliance have come together to save the nation, it’s secular character and the democracy.  BJP wants to rule by the rule of thumb and by force brushing aside the norms of democracy.We have come together for a bigger cause of nation and democracy which is in danger today. They want to destroy the social, secular ethos and democratic norms laid down by the framers of the Constitution. 

Praising leadership of Pt Nehru and Indira Gandhi, he Hit out at BJP for the malicious propaganda against Pt Nehru and Smt Indira Gandhi whose contributions in nation building are immense but heart burns when they speak so low against them in the parliament.

 It was Pt Nehru who laid strong foundations and  initiated scientific approach,  the fruits of which are being reaped  by the nation today. Not a needle was manufactured, when Nehru took over not a needle was  being manufactured & today the country has achieved heights in all spheres.  Indira brought about green revolution in the country and made it self sufficient in food. 

Blaming BJP of ruling Jammu and Kashmir by proxy, he said that local officers have been sidelined while outside bureaucrats are running the show who are unaware of the topography and geography of Jammu and Kashmir and the hardships faced by the people.  Farooq said whosoever raises voice against corruption in this regime is dealt like a senior bureaucrat flagging the issue of corruption in JMM in J&K, who even wrote to PMO also.

He said that Jammu and Kashmir acceded to a nation  of  Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru where all were equal and treated equally. BJP wants to divide and rule. He questioned where are fifty thousand jobs promised to youth of J&K,  adding  that all their announcements have come out to be jumlas. 

Addressing the rally, AICC Incharge Bharatsinh Solanki questioned  the claims of development of Modi Govt. and asked if they have delivered in 10 years why P.M. Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and UP Chief Minister Aditya Yogi and others  top leaders have to come  rushing to Jammu to seek votes. It shows the panic in BJP due to mood of the people here for change due to their failures t deliver and come upto the expectation of people of Jammu and Kashir.

He said that UPA government headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh was a peopl’s Govt. and did a lot for the welfare of the countrymen with special focus on J&K but BJP has only robbed the people of J&K of their dignity, status and rights as well as resources and job opportunities.

This Govt. works for the rich people like Adani and Ambani while Congress always took care of the interests of poor and common man. An atmosphere of fear has been created all around by Modi Govt. and the main media is captured in the hands of few influential people. It is for this reason our leader Shri Rahul Gandhi took Bharat Jodo  Yatra for Kanyakumari to Kashmir where people came out openly against the atmosphere of fear. Again he took out a Yatra from  Manipur to Maharashtra to high light the injustice with farmers youth, women workers and all sections and assured guarantees b Congress on coming to power, unlike Modi guarantees of Jumla Baze

He said that there is no accountability in this Govt., as youth are told to sell Pakodas while mismanagement in Covid was witnessed leading casualty  by lakhs of people without even oxygen but nobody knows about the funds collected in P.M. care.  He said state was downgraded into UT where officers are not accountable to people and there is no democracy. Both the leaders appealed to the people to vote for change and elect congress candidates Raman Bhalla and Ch.Lal Singh.

Raman Bhalla lashed out at the BJP for ruining the youth and future generations of Jammu and Kashmir as people suffered a lot under Modi regime. He said that BJP promised a lot to each and every section but they are feel cheated and betrayed as our land, jobs, resources are being looted and future is unsafe. The youth, traders, workers, farmers and women are all restlessness and there is lot of joblessness.

He said that old age, widow, handicapped, daily wagers and others are all suffering under BJP regime. The local issues raised by DCC President and others of the ponywallas and other Vaishno Devi labourers will receive due attention by him, as it is they who carry the pilgrims from all over country to vaishno Devi There was complete religious harmony in J&K but BJP wants to divide people on regional and religious lines and asked people to reject BJP to bring a better future.

Prominent Congress and NC leaders attended the massive rally organized by DCC Reasi led by Bhupinder Singh and others. Prominent leaders who attended included Manoj Yadav-AICC Secretary, Ajay Sadhotra (NC), Ravinder Sharma (INC) Rattan Lal Gupta, Ab. Ghani Malik, Jagjivan Lal, Rampaul, Aiyaz Jan, Bimla Luthra(NC), Rakesh Wazir, Rajesh Sadotra, Jagdev Gaga (INC) & Akash Bharat (PYC) Yashvardan Singh, Master Israil, Adv. Aijaz, Munshi Ram Slalia, Adv. Vijay Sharma, Tariq Ahmed, Jatin Raina, Rajvir Singh and others.

Earlier on way AICC Incharge Bharatsinh Solanki was accorded reception at Koul Kandoli by Former Minister Yogesh Sawhney and he paid obeisance at the temple. Later also, Solanki was accorded reception at different places before Katra by PCC  General  Secretary  Rajesh  Sadotra.