Congress habitual of insulting women: Priya Sethi

Priya Sethi appeals women to vote against Congress

JAMMU, April 24: Taking serious exception to recent derogatory comments of Congress leaders against the women of the nation and also against the senior BJP leaders, Priya Sethi, BJP NEM & former Minister, said that the Congress party is habitual of disrespecting the women.

Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, J&K BJP Media Incharge, Neha Mahajan and Reema Padha, General Secretaries, BJP Mahila Morcha, Anuradha Sharma, Program Incharge, Meenakshi Jamwal, Office Secretary, Snehlata, Protocol Incharge accompanied Priya Sethi, while she addressed the media persons in a Press conference held at party headquarters, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.

Congress leaders have repeatedly disrespected the women and their statements show their mentality against the Mahila Shakti, said Priya Sethi and added that this disrespect is not against some particular section of women but against the whole women community and also against the “Bharat Sanskriti”, where women are held with high esteem.

Priya Sethi, while addressing the media said that the language used by senior leader of Congress Randip Surjewala against senior BJP leader Hema Malini is not acceptable and is rather obnoxious.

Rahul Gandhi, the senior congress leader disrespected women in Vadodara. Digvijay Singh labeled MP Meenakshi Natrajan as “100 Taka Tanch Maal”. Supriya Shreenate disrespected the MP candidate Kangna Ranaut, using “Mandi” in a disrespectful way. Congress MLA Shamnur Shivshankar said that women only belong to the kitchen.

Congress MP (Rajya Sabha) Manu Sighvi was involved in the Sex CD scandal. Renuka Choudhary had said ‘Rape is common’. Senior leaders of Congress have shown utter hate and disrespect for women hundreds of times and the women will now make the Congress party beg for their votes in this election, said Priya Sethi.

This disrespect is not only to a section of women but to the whole community of women in the nation. She lamented that Congress including their leader Rahul Gandhi have disrespected women on every platform.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has empowered the women of this nation in every way. PM Modi has exemplified how women should be respected one can respect women and the Congress leaders must learn from the BJP how to respect the 50% population of this country”.

Priya Sethi appealed to all the women especially of Jammu & Kashmir to show their strength and teach the lesson of dignity to Congress by voting against this family-based party in this Parliamentary election. She asked them to vote for BJP candidates to further empower the women folk.