District Motor Garages organises one day training on first aid and road safety

Leh, Feb 12, 2024:  District Motor Garages, Leh organised a one-day training session focused on enhancing first aid skills and promoting road safety among government drivers on February 12.

The event aimed to equip drivers with crucial knowledge and techniques to respond effectively during emergencies.

Led by Dr. Jigmet Wangchuk and supported by technical experts from the Health Department, the training session featured comprehensive demonstrations of first aid procedures. Participants learned essential life-saving techniques, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), emphasizing the critical role of immediate intervention in saving lives during emergencies.

He added that with the ability to administer prompt first aid, government drivers become invaluable assets in emergency situations.  Further, he said that  by mastering basic life-saving skills, they can significantly contribute to mitigating the severity of injuries and potentially saving lives.

The training also emphasized the importance of road safety, with insights shared by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mohd Baqir, and Inspector, Parvez Ahmed from the traffic department.

They spoke about crucial road safety protocols and best practices, emphasizing the need for responsible driving habits to prevent accidents and ensure public safety.

Deputy Superintendent, Mohd Baqir said that road safety is a shared responsibility, and government drivers play a pivotal role in upholding safety standards on our roads. Also added that by adhering to traffic regulations and prioritizing caution, drivers can help prevent accidents and protect both themselves and the community.

The training session concluded with participants equipped with enhanced first aid skills and a deeper understanding of road safety principles.