Chief Secretary J&K Convenes Meeting to Address Pending Issues between Ladakh UT and J&K UT

Leh/Jammu, April 18, 2024: The Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory presided over a meeting at the Secretariat, Jammu, to address pending issues concerning the apportionment of assets, liabilities, and manpower between the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territory of Ladakh.

The Advisor to UT Ladakh, Dr Pawan Kotwal, joined the meeting to review and deliberate on these significant matters. Comprehensive discussions were held during the meeting, focusing on various critical aspects including the apportionment of employees, deployment of officers to fill essential vacancies, transfer of posts from corporations, and the completion of ongoing projects managed by J&K agencies in Ladakh.

Additionally, the meeting focused on the transfer of valuable cultural assets such as art, artifacts, and archival records, along with the transfer of assets belonging to the J&K Sports Council that have been apportioned to UT Ladakh.

One of the key agenda items addressed during the meeting was the inclusion of employees apportioned to UT Ladakh in the seniority lists of the respective departments of UT Jammu and Kashmir, effective until 15th November 2021. This step is crucial in ensuring equitable treatment and representation for all employees across UT Ladakh & UT J&K.

Furthermore, discussions also revolved around the allocation of land for the construction of Kargil Saria at Sonamarg, highlighting the commitment to infrastructure development and regional growth.

The meeting highlighted the importance of cooperation and collaboration between the two Union Territories to effectively resolve pending issues and streamline administrative processes.

The Chief Secretary of J&K UT and Advisor to UT Ladakh expressed confidence regarding the outcomes of the meeting and pledged continued efforts towards the smooth transition and effective functioning of both UTs.

Dr Pawan Kotwal stated that the rigorous effort signifies a significant step forward in the ongoing administrative consolidation and integration process.

Administrative Secretaries, UT Ladakh; Deputy Commissioner, Leh; Chief Engineers; Directors; Deputy Secretaries; Under Secretaries; officials, UT of Ladakh Administration attended the meeting virtually from the Civil Secretariat, Ladakh, while Deputy Commissioner, Kargil, and officials joined the meeting from DC Office, Kargil.