Administrative Secretary of Information Technology, UT Ladakh Amit Sharma Chairs Meeting to Formulate Information and Cyber Security Policy for Ladakh

LEH, November 21: The Administrative Secretary of Information Technology, UT Ladakh Amit Sharma presided over a meeting at the Civil Secretariat in Leh. The primary agenda of the meeting was to deliberate and discuss the formulation of a comprehensive Information and Cyber Security Policy tailored to the unique needs of Ladakh.

The meeting attended by experts from the National Institute for Smart Government, and officers from the Information Technology Department marked a significant pace in acknowledging the critical role that cybersecurity plays in safeguarding the integrity of digital infrastructure.

The discussions explored various facets of information security, encompassing the protection of sensitive data, critical infrastructure, and the privacy of citizens. Participants engaged in a thorough analysis of emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities specific to the Ladakh region, paving the way for a targeted and effective policy.

Secretary Amit Sharma underscored the imperative nature of a robust cybersecurity framework, especially in an era where digital advancements are transforming the landscape of governance and public services. He highlighted the need for a collective effort to combat cyber threats and promote a culture of cybersecurity awareness and education among the populace. The meeting marks a crucial step towards fortifying defenses against cyber threats and ensuring the trust and safety of citizens in the digital realm, Amit Sharma stated.

Key areas addressed in the meeting included mechanisms compliance, the institutional framework for implementation, the establishment of a dedicated cybersecurity task force, regular security audits, and the development of capacity-building programs, etc. for government officials and the public.

The proposed Information and Cyber Security Policy is expected to be a benchmark document, aligning with international best practices while addressing the unique challenges faced by Ladakh. The meeting concluded with a consensus on the urgency of finalizing the policy and initiating its implementation at the earliest.