World’s most expensive mango ‘Miyazaki’ showcased at Raipur Mango Festival

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], June 20 (ANI): World’s most expensive mango ‘Miyazaki’ priced at Rs 1.82 lakh in the international market was showcased at a Mango Festival organized in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur.

Japan’s famous mango ‘Miyazaki’ was displayed at the Mango Festival organized in the state capital from June 17 to 19. The price of this mango is Rs 2.70 lakh per kg, organizers said.
RP Gupta (Retd. General Manager Coal India), who displayed mangoes at the festival, said, “It takes a lot of care to grow this mango. It is traded as a corporate gift, so the price of this mango is higher than normal mangoes.”

“It also has a quality that a part of this mango that gets sunlight has a different taste and the other part has a different taste,” he said.

‘Miyazaki’ mango weighs 639 grams and it is grown in Japan, he pointed out.