Watch Shilpa Shetty’s Dynamic Eka Pada Ustrasana Routine as Part of Her Monday Morning Motivation

Shilpa Shetty is one of the most renowned fitness icons in Bollywood. For workout motivation, one can delve into her Instagram profile and find ample of things to follow. The actress has always been vocal about her love for yoga and the benefits it brings to her life. She often shares her fitness journey with her fans and inspires them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For workout motivation, one can delve into her Instagram profile and find ample of things to follow. Recently, Shilpa took to her social media to share a video of her Monday morning fitness routine, which includes Gatyatmak Eka Pada Ustrasana.

Gatyatmak Eka Pada Ustrasana is a dynamic variation of the traditional Camel Pose. This asana is known to strengthen the back, improve flexibility in the spine, hips, and thighs, and tone the oblique muscles. It is a perfect pose for those who are looking to improve their posture and alleviate back pain.

In the video, Shilpa can be seen performing the pose with ease and grace. She starts by kneeling on the floor with her knees hip-width apart. She then brings her elbows to her feet and lifts her chest, extending her spine. Next, she repeats the same sequence with another leg and elbow.

Sharing the video, she wrote, “Who said the morning fitness routine needs to be boring or dreadful? Added some good music, took in a few deep breaths, and I started my day with the Gatyatmak Eka Pada Ushtrasana routine. It is a good exercise to tone the Oblique muscles. It also improves the strength & flexibility of the back. Giving the body a good stretch and flexibility in the morning is a great way to set the tone for the day. That’s my #MondayMotivation, what’s yours? Tell me in the comments below.”

Shilpa’s dedication towards fitness is truly inspiring, and her Monday morning routine is an excellent way to start the week with positivity and motivation. She believes that fitness is not just about having a good physique but also about having a healthy mind and body.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to kick-start your day, take a cue from Shilpa and try out Gatyatmak Eka Pada Ustrasana.