Watch: Parvin Dabas is bestowed with a special honour, inaugurates the Armwrestling table at Tamil Nadu State Armwrestling Championship 2024 as special guest

When it comes to the growth of armwrestling as a sport in this country, the contribution of Parvin Dabas has truly been one of the best. All thanks to his ‘Pro Panja League’ initiative, athletes believed that there’s a career that they can make professionally out of the sport and no wonder, it has helped the country immensely.

All thanks to the faith that Parvin has shown on some of the athletes in this country, they have gone ahead to conquer all odds and make the country proud at a global level. Well, that’s why, there’s absolutely no surprises when it comes to understanding the fact that Parvin Dabas is truly one of the most respected and honourable individuals to be called a special guest in anything related to armwrestling. Yes, that’s right.

Despite having a busy and hectic schedule, Parvin Dabas managed to attend the inauguration of the Armwrestling table at the Tamil Nadu State Armwrestling Championship 2024 and well, everyone who’s associated with Parvin is happy and elated with the honour that he received. The respect and admiration with which he was treated was seen on social media and no wonder, it is making all his fans very happy.

Want to check out the viral video and have a look? Here you go –

Well, here’s hoping and wishing that Parvin Dabas truly manages to grow as an individual so that armwrestling as a sport continues to get better in this country. Here’s wishing him good luck and success for all his future endeavours. Stay tuned for more updates.