Voter awareness programme held at Tulip Garden Kud under SVEEP

UDHAMPUR, APRIL 2: A vibrant voter awareness program was conducted at Tulip Garden Kud in collaboration with Government Higher Secondary School Kud as part of SVEEP initiative.

Deputy District Election Officer Udhampur, Dr. Anirudh Rai, and District SVEEP Nodal Officer, Dr. Preeti Sharma, actively engaged with students and locals from Village Kud to spread awareness.

During the event, students presented a skit and performed songs in the local language to educate young voters about their crucial role in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections scheduled for April 19.

Addressing the gathering, the Deputy District Election Officer urged everyone to maximize voter turnout and highlighted initiatives like the pink booth for women voters and  vote-from-home facility for senior citizens aged 85 and above.

An oath was administered at the conclusion of the event, emphasizing the importance of voting and assisting those unable to reach polling booths.

Additionally, he urged students to relay his message to their parents, underscoring the significance of their participation in nation-building through elections.