US announces fresh aid package of USD 100 million for Ukraine

Washington, DC [US], November 21 (ANI): The United States on Monday announced a new aid package for Ukraine worth USD 100 million. It comes at a time when the US Secretary of Defence is on a visit to Kyiv, according to The Hill.

Javelin and AT-4 launchers, small arms ammo, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, and 155 millimetre artillery munitions are all included in the package.

In a press briefing on Monday in Kyiv, US Defence Secretary, Lloyd Austin stated that the package will provide Ukrainian troops with the necessary tools to fight successfully throughout the winter months, The Hill reported.

“There is no silver bullet in a conflict like this. It really depends on providing the right capabilities and also integrating those capabilities in meaningful ways,” Austin said.

“The Ukraine military is a learning organisation, and it will continue to learn from from all of its operations,” he added.

The Pentagon has said it is pacing out the number of packages to Ukraine as it waits for Congress to pass another round of legislation that could include potentially billions more, The Hill reported.

“I think what’s important is that the military constructs its operations to focus on the objectives and the goals that the president wants to achieve,” Austin said, referring to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

It has been difficult for the Republican-controlled House to approve any package related to Ukraine, though, as more conservative members have voiced doubts about their continued support, according to The Hill.

In a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, Austin wrote, “I came to Kyiv today with an important message – the United States stands with Ukraine, and we are going to be with them for the long haul.”

Austin stated that he “continues to see bipartisan support” in Congress after meeting with newly appointed Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.)

“Our congressional members have valid questions that we will answer, but again, I would point out that Ukraine matters,” the US Defence Secretary said, adding, “What happens here matters not just to Ukraine but to the entire world.”