US actor Amanda Bynes placed on psychiatric hold for second time this year

Washington [US], June 20 (ANI): American actor Amanda Bynes has been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold for the second time this year, as per TMZ.

The ‘Nickelodeon’ star was detained by police over the weekend and taken into custody for a mental health evaluation, which she appears to have failed.
According to police officers who detained her over the weekend, Amanda Bynes is a danger to herself and others, which means she’s back on a 5150 psychiatric hold, TMZ reported.

According to law enforcement sources, Amanda called the ‘LAPD’ Saturday morning to report a woman in distress.

Amanda was apprehended by LAPD officers and taken to a police station for a medical evaluation to determine if she required additional treatment.

According to TMZ, as it turned out, Amanda needed to be placed on a mandatory psychiatric hold, which can last up to 72 hours under the law.

It’s the latest setback in the former Nickelodeon star’s downward spiral and the second time she’s been placed on a psych hold this year. The first incident occurred in March when she was discovered naked on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Amanda had only recently been released from a mental health facility, but we had heard from people close to her that she was isolated and not doing well.

She now has the opportunity to receive treatment.