Udhampur: Kaldi forest engulfed in flames for last three days, forest resources destroyed

Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], June 13 (ANI): A devastating fire has been raging in the Kaldi forest Area, under the Udhampur Forest Division in Jammu and Kashmir for the past three days, causing immense damage to the region’s wildlife and vegetation.

The fire has spread uncontrollably, reaching the roadside and has resulted in damage to forest resources, with a vast number of trees and plants reduced to ashes. Kaldi forest area is home to a significant population of peacocks, and the fire has undoubtedly caused harm to these magnificent birds.

The loss of vegetation has not only impacted the peacocks but also other wildlife and the overall ecosystem. The forest fires in Udhampur district pose a significant threat to the environment, wildlife, and local communities.

This uncontrolled blaze has destroyed crores of rupees worth of forest resources. The delay in containing the fire has been attributed to the alleged negligence of the Forest Department and the Fire and Emergency Department.

Arti Sharma, Chairman of the Block Development Council (BDC) of Ghordi in Udhampur district, has appealed to the administration to combat the Kaldi forest fire as soon as possible.

She emphasised the urgency of the situation, highlighting the presence of a large number of peacocks and other wildlife in the area. The ongoing fire has caused immense damage to these creatures, and Sharma stressed the need for immediate action.