Uday felicitates Vikram Chib on being appointed as President Yuva Rajput Sabha

JAMMU, May 26: Uday Chib, President Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Youth Congress (JKPYC) felicitated Vikram Singh Chib for being appointed as the new President of the Yuva Rajput Sabha, Jammu and Kashmir here today.

The Youth Congress leader was accompanied by Soam Nath Block President Congress Patta Paloura, General Secretaries District Congress Committee (DCC) Jammu Rural Madan Singh and Jang Bahadhur and Secretary DCC Jammu Rural Tarun Vaid.

Uday Chib while congratulating the new president said that Vikram Singh Chib is a man of strong conviction and integrity and there should be no doubt about that he will work with full dedication and sincerity for the upliftment of the community especially economically weaker sections in the Rajput community.

The Youth Congress leader said that Yuva Rajput Sabha is aimed at welfare of the Dogras but it has shown that it can rise to the occasion and play a significant role in addressing the issues of Jammu region and that of national cause. He said that the new president has a tremendous responsibility entrusted to him and he is very much capable of fulfilling these.

Uday, while reposing trust and confidence in Vikram Singh Chib, wished him all success in his endeavours as President of Yuva Rajput Sabha.