Truffle Fries and Ice Cream: A Match Made in Heaven?

Are you looking for a delicious treat to cool off in the summer heat? If you are in New York City, you might want to check out Dudley’s Deli, an Australian pub and bistro that offers a unique combination of truffle fries and ice cream. Yes, you read that right. Truffle fries and ice cream.

In a reel posted by @radiantfoodie, a popular Instagram account that features food and restaurant recommendations, you can see how this mouthwatering pairing is made. First, you order your choice of vanilla or chocolate soft serve from the window. Then, you add your toppings, such as Tim Tams, Vegemite, or fairy bread. Finally, you get a generous portion of crispy truffle fries to dip into your ice cream.

The video has received over 25,000 likes and hundreds of comments from curious and hungry viewers. Some of them expressed their desire to try this unusual combination, while others were skeptical about the taste. One commenter wrote, “Ice cream and potato? 😮” Another one said, “Fries and ice are the best!🔥”

If you want to experience this delightful duo for yourself, head over to Dudley’s Deli at 85 Orchard St in the Lower East Side. You won’t regret it!