“This will be our toughest transfer window,” says Eddie Howe after Newcastle qualify for Champions League

Newcastle [UK], May 23 (ANI): Newcastle United have found their way back to the UEFA Champions League next season after 20 years following their goalless draw against Leicester on Tuesday, but a major challenge now lies ahead of them.

After a change in ownership, the Magpies have started to evolve as a major contender for the Top 4 spots in the Premier League for the upcoming seasons. But this has posed a major challenge for them in the summer transfer window.
In order to strengthen their squad and add depth to their European stint Newcastle will need to recruit some players.

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe has emphasized the difficulties that they will face while bringing in the new faces.

“There is a small pool of players we can recruit. We have to recruit wisely, which we have done. This will be our toughest transfer window,” Howe told Sky Sports.

The English manager further went on to highlight the importance of producing a result for their supporter base.

“If you’re not united with the supporter base, regardless of how you play and what you want to achieve, I don’t think it’s going to work,” Howe added.

“The first thing was to show how important it was that we represented the supporters and the people of the city in the right way, and that’s through sheer hard work, determination…all the core things that bring you success in any walk of life.”

“We had to show the fan base that we were here to make them proud, if we could, every single game,” Howe said.

Newcastle will play their final game on Sunday against Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge.