Tamil action drama ‘Kazhuvethi Moorkkan’ to stream on Prime Video

Mumbai, Jun 20 (PTI) Filmmaker Sy Gautham Raj’s Tamil action-drama “Kazhuvethi Moorkkan” will be available for streaming on Prime Video from June 23.

The film, featuring Arulnithi, Dushara, Santhosh Prathap and Munishkanth, had made its debut in theatres across the country in May.

In a press release, Prime Video said “Kazhuvethi Moorkkan” adeptly encapsulates the beautiful story of friendship, and how two friends not only stand the test of time, but also the divisive schemes of a local politician with lofty ambitions.

Set in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, the film follows childhood best friends with polar opposite personalities Moorkkan (Arulnithi Tamilarasu) and Bhoominathan (Santhosh Prathap), read the official description.

They are no strangers to the caste divide still prevalent in their village, however, they refuse to let anything come between their friendship.

“Kazhuvethi Moorkkan” is produced by Ambeth Kumar.