Taiwan: Amid high chances of snowfall on Hehuan Mountain, roads to be closed at night

Taipei [Taiwan], March 2 (ANI/CNA): Hehuan Mountain will undergo high rainfall and the bureau has said that there is a chance of solid precipitation and road icing on mountainous sections above 3,000 meters tonight.

Therefore, Provincial Highway 14A from Cuifeng to Dayu Ridge will be closed tonight until tomorrow morning under warning.

In addition, the peaks of Yushan are covered with ice, transforming into a snow country.

Affected by the strong continental cold air mass, Hehuan Mountain will receive rainfall with bursts of ice and sleet today, but there is no snow and ice on the road.

Provincial Highway 14A is normally open to traffic. However, the Central District Maintenance Engineering Branch of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transport has judged based on the latest meteorological information. In mountainous sections above 3,000 metres above sea level, the temperature at night is below freezing and there is a lot of moisture. There is a chance of solid precipitation (snow or graupel) and road ice.

The Central District Maintenance Engineering Branch issued a press release in the afternoon stating that in order to maintain road safety, the section of Highway 14A from 18 kilometres from Nantou Cuifeng to 41.5 kilometres from Hualien Dayuling will be closed from 5 pm to 7 am tomorrow. We will decide whether to open it to vehicles or restrict it to vehicles with snow chains tomorrow morning depending on the weather and road conditions. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to passers-by.

The Yushan Meteorological Station of the Central Meteorological Administration of the Ministry of Transport also observed falling ice beads this morning. The peaks of Yushan seemed to have turned into a snow country, and there was ice in the iron shed area of the main peak line. The Yushan National Park Management Office reminded mountaineers that it is necessary to go up the gravel slope section. When wearing crampons, in addition to keeping warm, you should also pay attention to weather changes and icy trails. Be sure to carry snow equipment and assess risks to ensure safety,