Ravinder Raina Addresses Rallies at Zainpora & Shopian in South Kashmir 

SHOPIAN, 20 June: BJP President J&K  Ravinder Railna addressed the two impressive rallies in Zanipora and Shopian towns in South Kashmir on Tuesday.  Addressing the rallies Ravinder Raina highlighted the achievements of Modi government in giving justice to the Comman man in Jammu and Kashmir. 

He said Modi government did remarkable Works in last nine years and cited the Mughal Road tunnel as an example, stating “Modi hai toh mumkin hai” (With Modi, everything is possible).

The state president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Ravinder Raina, along with the chairperson of the Waqf Board, Dharaksha Indrabi, and other prominent BJP leaders, celebrated the completion of 9 years of governance under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. The celebration took place at Zainapora in Shopian. Hundreds of BJP supporters participated in the program, and both Ravinder Raina and Dharaksha Indrabi praised the performance, developmental initiatives, and justice delivered during the BJP’s tenure.

 Ravinder Raina expressed his gratitude towards the locals of Zainapora for their love and respect, stating that he would always remember their affectionate gesture. He emphasized that the BJP represents a governance focused on justice, progress, and development. Raina also mentioned that the BJP government approved the construction of a tunnel on the Mughal Road, attributing it to the slogan “Modi hai toh mumkin hai” (With Modi, everything is possible).

 Later, Ravinder Raina visited the Fruit Mandi Aglar and laid the foundation stone for the Fruit Mandi Association Office Complex. During the visit, Mohammad Ameen, the president of Fruit Mandi Aglar, briefed the leaders about the issues faced by the mandi, such as safety walls, fencing, and other basic necessities. Ameen also presented a comprehensive memorandum to Ravinder Raina, outlining the problems in detail.

Ravinder Raina attentively listened to the concerns raised by the president of the fruit mandi and assured him that he would take up the issues with the central government and the relevant authorities. He further guaranteed that the genuine problems faced by the mandi would be resolved expeditiously.