Ravi Kishan-starrer ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ to be back with second season

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 4 (ANI): Following its recent debut, the makers of ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ on Thursday announced the drop of the courtroom drama show’s second season.

Taking to Instagram, streaming platform Netflix treated fans with the exciting news and shared a clip.

Along with the video, they captioned the post, “Hasta hua lawyer sabse best dikhta hai- isiliye Patparganj ke cuties laut rahe hai!! Maamla Legal Hai is returning for a SECOND SEASON, coming soon, only on Netflix!”

The video featured several hilarious scenes from the show’s first season.

For the second season Ravi Kishan will reprise his role as lawyer VD Tyagi. Besides Kishan, the show will also mark the return of Naila Grewal, Anant V Joshi, Nidhi Bisht and Yashpal Sharma.

Speaking on the season announcement, Tanya Bami, Series Head Netflix India said, “We’re enjoying sharing so many laughs with our audiences. In just the first three months of 2024, we’ve seen great successes back to back in the comedy genre. The Great Indian Kapil Show and Mamla Legal Hai have delighted our members not only in India but across the world. This speaks volumes about fresh ideas and spaces being explored and brought to life across our series slate. When every title receives such unequivocal love it is extremely rewarding. We can’t wait to bring forward the second season of Mamla Legal Hai with newer antics and fresher challenges in the lives of our Patparganj lawyers.”

Executive Producer and Showrunner Sameer Saxena said, “Maamla Legal Hai was created with a genuineness that, we hoped, appeals to the audience. We are humbled by the overwhelming reception, the appreciation for its humour and the recognition of the performances and camaraderie of our cast members.”

He further added, “Collaborating with Netflix gives us the joy of bringing such stories to life – the ones that have a wide appeal. With Season two, we are excited to go further down the corridors of Patparganj District Court and bring to life further cases along with refreshing new shenanigans.”

Directed by Rahul Pandey, ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ provides a novel perspective on the legal profession, presenting a diverse group of lawyers ranging from idealistic rookies to cynical veterans.

The first season showcased the lives of the lawyers of Patparganj District Court. There’s VD Tyagi (Ravi Kishan), a shrewd lawyer who challenges the lambe haath (long arms) of justice. Joining him is Harvard LLM alum, Ananya Shroff (Naila Grrewal), a passionate advocate for justice and the latest addition to the crew. Meanwhile, there’s Sujata Negi (Nidhi Bisht), the OG Didi who hasn’t represented a single case so far, and who simply wants to have her air-conditioned chamber. Last but not least is Vishwas Pandey (Anant V Joshi), the court manager who considers himself the Donna Paulson of Patparganj District Court, a nod to the savvy secretary from the popular TV show, Suits. Rest assured, inka sirf coat kaala hai par dil nahi (Only the coat that they wear is black, not their hearts).

The date of ‘Maamla Legal Hai 2’ will be unvieled soon.