Rajesh Kumar recalls 90s era, shares experience working in ‘Yeh Meri Family’

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 26 (ANI): Actor Rajesh Kumar relived 90s days by working in a web show ‘Yeh Meri Family’.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Rajesh said, “What takes me back is seeing your children taking the examination takes you back to that era where you were always scared of some or the other paper. Now your children are reliving your fear because of the examinations. So, the 90s were more about the pace and the velocity of the era in itself. We were evolving yet we were at ease. We were not in a rush to touch 2000, but we were always ahead of our time because we had a lot of time for ourselves and our creative world. You never got bored, so all these things are the factors that remind you of the 90s.”
The actor also touched upon his experience working with the cast including Juhi Parmar.

“I and Juhi have known each other for ages, but we have never worked together except for a few comedy and reality shows here and there. Because we have a base of knowing each other and belonging to the same era, that connection happened very easily. The Dadi definitely is the sweetest of them. The kids of today’s age because we are parents we know how to handle them. ‘Kab daatna hai aur kab kaan khichna hai pata hai’ but we all gelled in like a family, but we never got too worked up with ‘Oh, I am playing this character and I should excel in that.’ It was helping each other kind of atmosphere where co-actors coexist with each other,” he added.

Set in the golden era of the 90s, the dramedy ‘Yeh Meri Family’ revolves around the Awasthi family as they cope with emotions, comedic situations, and conflict as they go about their daily lives. The show is streaming on Amazon miniTV.