Premier Handball League: Telugu Talons defeat Garvit Gujarat

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], June 22 (ANI): Telugu Talons secured a resounding 36-28 victory over Garvit Gujarat in a Premier Handball League encounter here.

Garvit Gujarat started the match against the Telugu Talons in blistering fashion. Mandeep Lochab in the Gujarat goal made numerous terrific saves in the opening minutes to deal with the Talons’ initial on-slaught. This allowed Garvit Gujarat to assume control of the game in the early stages as Harender Singh Nain in attack put his team in the lead. However, Gujarat could not hang on to their lead for too long as the Talons came roaring back into the game thanks Davinder Singh Bhullar and Naseeb Singh, who were shooting efficiently.
The Talons had got into their attacking groove as now they were matching Gujarat stride for stride, but could not equalise yet. By the 15th minute of the game, the scores read 8-6 in favour of Garvit Gujarat.

The Talons started showcasing why they are one of the top two teams in the league from there on. Kailash Patel and Rahul Nain started dominating the Garvit Gujarat defence to bring the scores level and eventually, the Talons took a slender lead thanks to the duo. Harender Singh Nain was supercharging the Gujarat attack since he was almost single-handedly making sure his team stays within touching distance of Telugu. While both teams were able to score freely the Talons were holding onto their slender lead. Soon after, the half ended as the scores read 18-15 in favour of the Telugu Talons.

Gujarat were looking for a fast start to the second half but except for Harender Singh the other players on his team were struggling to find their finishing touch. While Harender was trying his best to drag his team back into the game, Naseeb, Davinder and Rahul Nain were making sure the Talons were able to extend their lead. The Talons also started marking Harender a lot more tightly in the second half to blunt Garvit Gujarat’s attack. Halfway through the second period, the scores read 29-21 in favour of Telugu, who looked on course to register a big win.

Rahul Nain, Naseeb Singh and Kailash Patel were putting on a masterclass in attack for the Telugu Talons as they were seemingly scoring with every shot they took. Gujarat to their own detriment were still struggling to find the back of the net regularly. For the last 10 minutes of the game, Fernando Nunes took off the key members of his squad to give them a rest. Despite the Talons arguably fielding a weaker team to see the game out, Gujarat could not find a way back into the game. Soon after, the game ended as the scores read 36-28 in favour of the Talons.

Harender Singh Nain and Naseeb Singh were the top scorers for their respective teams in the match with 8 goals apiece, according to a Premier Handball League release.

. Kailash Patel was adjudged to be the most valuable player of the game for his pivotal performance for the Talons in the game.