5 Must-Have Vitamin-C Rich Foods To Boost Your Immune System

You generally ask the beauty experts the secret of their beautiful skin, and the only answer you get from them is to include Vitamin C in your diet as well as the beauty products you are using. If its application makes it so potent, imagine what it would do internally.

Vitamin C is touted as the best anti-ageing ingredient in the beauty world and is the ultimate key for helping yourself with a blemish-free, glowing complexion. It functions as an antioxidant and plays a significant role in immune function.

Here are the top 6 Vitamin C power-packed foods to boost your immune system-

1. Orange

Orange is popular fruit rich in vitamin c and is low in calories and high in nutrition. It contains a range of other plant compounds and antioxidants that may reduce inflammation and work against diseases.

2. Broccoli

It is believed that Vitamin C is rich in citrus fruits, but surprisingly, some vegetables have more vitamin c content than citrus fruits. A single serving of Broccoli has 81 mg of Vitamin C, which is more than that of an orange.

3. Kiwi

It's a rich source of Vitamin C as a single medium-sized serving of Kiwi would cover around 71% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Kiwi is packed with other vitamins such as Vitamin K and E.

4. Red Bell Pepper

It has a rich source of Vitamin C as half a cup of its serving holds 100% of the total amount required in a day. Even green bell peppers consist of vitamin C but are of less value as compared to red bell pepper. Bell Peppers are rich in antioxidants and help in maintaining heart and eye health.

5. Tomato

Tomato contains antioxidants and is healthy to include in your diet. One can have raw tomatoes in a salad or add them to the vegetables.

6. Guava

Guava has a high vitamin content in it. The vitamin content in Guava is twice as high as that in an orange. It is rich in several antioxidants and has a great refreshing flavour.

7. Lemon

It belongs to the citric family and is rich in vitamins. One serving of lemon provides 18 mg of vitamin C. Add it to your salads, or make a homemade lemonade out of it!