Pakistan: PTM chief says demanding restoration of peace not treachery but constitutional right

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa [Pakistan], March 15 (ANI): Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) chief Manzoor Pashteen has said that demanding restoration of peace is not treachery against the state but their constitutional right, Pakistan-based Dawn newspaper reported. The remarks by Pashteen came while he was addressing a gathering in Kabal tehsil in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Swat district on Monday. The gathering was organised to welcome Member of National Assembly (MNA) Ali Wazir, a PTM leader, after his release from prison.

PTM is a social movement for Pashtun human rights based in Pakistan’s KP and Balochistan. According to Pashteen, there was propaganda against PTM, but the leaders and followers of the movement were silent as they knew that their demands were not beyond the law. “We knew that one day all the Pakhtuns will understand our stance. I am happy that the movement is expanding day by day. Demanding peace is not treachery against the state, but our constitutional right. In reality, waging a proxy war of external powers on our land is treachery,” he said, as quoted by Dawn.

Pashteen said that the restoration of peace on their land was the major objective of PTM. He said that tribal, regional and political divisions among Pakhtuns kept them away from their collective cause. “We must stand for all Pakhtuns irrespective of personal interests. PTM is not for the sake of PTM, but it is for all the oppressed Pakhtuns,” he said.

MNA Ali Wazir while speaking on the occasion, said that Pakhtuns wanted peace, education and their constitutional rights. He said that they were not afraid of death and imprisonment. PTM provincial coordinator Idrees Bacha, Peshawar coordinator Mushtaq, Swat coordinator Merenaam Khan, Advocate Attaullah, Pervesh Shaheen, Ulasyar and others also addressed the event. MNA Ali Wazir thanked the people of Swat for according him a warm welcome. He said that the bravery of the people of Swat encouraged Pakhtuns.

“The recent uprising of people under Swat Olasi Pasoon against terrorism proved to be candlelight for all the Pakhtuns. They stood united against terrorism and militants. I am happy that Swati people are not only educated and aware of their rights but also united against terrorists,” he said. He added that the entire Pakhtun belt was proud of the Swati people, Dawn reported. He said that due to the bravery and unity of the Swati people, terrorists could regroup in the region. He said that he was imprisoned because he wanted a peaceful life for his people, which was his constitutional right.

“I demanded peace, an end to forced disappearance, education for our youth and safety. All these are our constitutional rights. I still demand all these rights for my people and will never move back from my demands,” said Wazir.
Earlier, Attaullah Jan, Idrees Bacha, Parvesh Shaheen and Merenaam Khan welcomed Ali Wazir, Manzoor Pashteen and other guests on their arrival to Swat.