Office of the Programme Coordinator, NSS Celebrates International Yoga Day

Jammu, June 21: The Office of the Programme Coordinator, NSS, celebrated International Yoga Day in collaboration with the Directorate of Sports and Physical Education, University of Jammu, on June 21, 2023. The theme for this year is “YOGA FOR VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM,” i.e., One Earth, One Family, and One Future, and with this theme, more than 150 volunteers participated in the programme. Prof. Naresh Padha, Dean Academic Affairs, was the Chief Guest of the occasion, and Sh. Archit Puri, Chairman CII, and Dr. Daud Iqbal Baba were the Guest of Honour. The observance of this Day is not tokenistic but serves the purpose of highlighting the immense potential of Yoga to enhance the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of well-being.

Earlier, Prof. Naresh Padha welcomed the faculty and the NSS volunteers for their mass participation in the commemoration of International Yoga Day. He also highlighted the role of Yoga in a life full of anxiety and stress. He also appreciated the efforts of the NSS Programme Coordinator, Dr. Hema Gandotra, in organising the NSS activities on campus. He further applauded the role of the programme Officers on campus, Dr. Shallu Sehgal. Dr. Mandeep Singh, Dr. Meghna Dhar, Dr. Monika Bhardwaj, Dr. Amit, and others Sh. Archit Puri, in his remarks, shared his life journey and threw light on the importance of yoga in his life. He motivated the volunteers to adopt yoga practises as a part of their lifestyle for their physical and mental well-being.

Dr. Hema Gandotra, Programme Coordinator, NSS, highlighted in her remarks the role of youth and NSS volunteers in the success of any event. Highlighting the importance of yoga, she stressed the need for commemoration of such days and how the volunteers can be the ambassadors for carrying the messages for society and can act as a source of bringing positive change in society. Dr. Gandotra thanked Dr. Daud Iqbal Baba, Director, Sports and Physical Education, for their collaboration and logistical support in making the event a success. The NSS Volunteers were highly motivated by the esteemed presence of Prof. Jasbir Singh, Head, Dept. of Philosophy; Prof. Pankaj Srivasta, President JUTA; Prof. Lalit Sen; and Dr. Sumita Sharma, special guests on the occasion.

During the programme, the different Asanas were performed by the volunteers of the Directorate of Physical Education and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, a faculty member. Dr. Mandeep Singh, NSS Programme Officer and Faculty Department of Sports and Physical Education, conducted the proceedings of the programme.