“No more drugs, rowdyism will be tolerated in Karnataka”: DK Shivakumar

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 24 (ANI): Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar instructed the police officials to maintain law and order in the state asserting to form a corruption-free government for the people.

“No more drugs and any kind of rowdyism will be tolerated in the state, the police department will be responsible for all this. We should give the corruption-free government to the people of the state,” said Shivakumar on Tuesday.
He further said that all the unauthorised clubs in the state will be closed, adding that the people are looking for a change.

“I have given warning to the police department, not to wear saffron on the uniform,” said DK Shivakumar.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah instructed the police officials to give priority to solving traffic problems in Bengaluru city and controlling cyber crimes.

“People have elected a new government with the expectation of change. Officials should work to respond to their problems,” CM Siddaramaiah said.

The Chief Minister said that he will hold a separate meeting to discuss the issue of traffic congestion in Bengaluru and strict legal action should be taken against disturbing, inflammatory and provocative posts on social media.

He suggested that the Hoysala patrol should be always vigilant to prevent crimes.

Siddaramaiah further said, “Senior officers should visit and inspect police stations. People who come to the police station should be treated politely.”

He said the government will not tolerate hooliganism, illegal club activities, or drug mafia.

“Be careful about maintaining social harmony, if the peace and order situation deteriorates, the concerned authorities and officers will be held responsible,” he added.

He said that action will be taken without hesitation if there is any dereliction of duty.