Need to expand canvas to build stronger India: PM Modi

New Delhi, Sep 19 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called for expanding the canvas to build a stronger India, and said all reforms and new laws going forward must have rising aspirations of the country as their priority.

Addressing a function in the Central Hall of old Parliament building, Modi said a big picture cannot be painted on a small canvas and the idea of a grand India cannot be envisioned if the members do not think big.

“Is it possible to draw a big picture on a small canvas? No! In the same way, we cannot mark out the picture of ‘Bhavya Bharat’ if we have a small canvas of thinking,” the prime minister said.

“We have a rich heritage! If this rich heritage is joined in by our dreams, our resolutions, and if our canvas of thinking expands, we will certainly be able to paint picture of ‘Bhavya Bharat’, we will certainly be able to fill colours in this picture, and offer this beautiful, colourful and grand picture of ‘Maa Bharti’ to our future generations,” he said.

Modi urged the members to reaffirm the commitment to make India a developed nation by 2047 and described the move to the new Parliament building as a new beginning towards a new future.

In the new Parliament building, we are going to make new beginnings for a new future, Modi said at the function to celebrate the legacy of the old Parliament building.

He said since 1952, 41 heads of states from across the world have addressed our MPs in Central Hall and more than 4,000 laws have been passed by Parliament in the last seven decades.

“Today, together in the new Parliament building, we are all going to inaugurate a new future,” he said.

“Today, we are moving towards the new building here with the intention of reiterating the resolve of a developed India, being determined and working whole-heartedly to fulfil it,” he said.

Recounting the laws passed in the old Parliament building, he said Muslim mothers and sisters got justice as the law against ‘triple talaq’ was unitedly passed from here.

“In the last few years, Parliament has also passed laws giving justice to the transgenders. We have unitedly passed laws that will guarantee a bright future for the specially-abled people. It is our privilege that we got the opportunity to abrogate Article 370,” he said.

The prime minister noted that Parliament took an important step to get rid of Article 370 and fight against separatism and terrorism.

“The Constitution made in this House was implemented in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said, adding J-K has embarked on the path of peace and development and with a new zeal, enthusiasm and determination, the people there do not want to miss any opportunity to move forward.

Article 370 accorded special status to the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.