MP man spends lifetime savings to build Radha-Krishna temple in wife’s memory, Muslim artists perform carvings

Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 24 (ANI): Setting a unique example, a retired teacher of Bundelkhand etched his name in history by spending his entire life’s savings on the construction of a grand ‘Radha Krishna’ Temple in memory of his late life in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur.

The day his wife died, BP Chansoria, took the resolution to build a temple in Chhatarpur, fulfilling her lifelong wish.

The construction of the temple, required, carving special art on marble stones and enhancing its beauty. This work was done by several Muslim artists from Rajasthan, who put in their sweat and efforts over a period of three years.

Speaking about the temple, Chansoria told ANI that he got it built as his wife always wanted a ‘Radha Krishna’ temple in Chitrakoot.

“After the death of my wife in November 2016. I took a resolution that I will get the temple built. It took six years and seven days to get the temple finally built at a cost of Rs 1.50 crores. Radha Krishna is the symbol of love which people should remember for centuries. Also, along with Radha Krishna, Radha Ji’s friends Lalita and Visakha will also be enshrined here,” Chansoria said.

He added, “This temple will be dedicated to the society on May 29. At the same time, I also want to give a message to the youth that love is everything after marriage. So, one should not abandon love or wife on small petty issues”.

Pandit Ramesh Chandra Dixit, the local priest in the temple, said that this temple will serve as an example of how love remains intact even after the passing away of one’s partner.

“The work went on continuously for six years, it got paused for some time in 2010, but again started. The work was finally completed after seven years. Lord Radha Krishna, who is the symbol of love will be enshrined here. The temple will serve as an example for people, that how someone can have so much love for his partner despite her not being alive. Several programs are going on continuously regarding the establishment.

Mohammad Asif, one of the artists told ANI that this is a ‘Taj Mahal’ like example in today’s generation.

“At one time, Shah Jahan had got a Taj Mahal built for his late wife Mumtaz, and today he (BP Chansoria) has got a temple built for his late wife. The idol Radha Krishna will be enshrined in the temple. The work is almost complete and it is looking very beautiful. The locals are very happy and excited about this,” he said.

The temple built at a cost of Rs 1.50 crores, has come up as an example of both love and communal harmony, and has become the centre of attraction in Chhatarpur.