Maharashtra: ‘Mentally disturbed’ man kills 2 senior citizens with axe in Palghar, accused arrested

Palghar (Maharashtra) [India], March 1 (ANI): In a shocking incident, an allegedly mentally disturbed man killed two senior citizens by attacking them with an axe in the Koodan village of Boisar area of Maharashtra’s Palghar, said police officials.

Following the incident, the perpetrator targeted another individual’s residence. When the disturbance drew attention from the locals, the assailant fled the scene.

Thereafter, the Palghar Police arrested the double murder accused, Kishor Kumar Mandal, from a mud pond nearby a forest area in Koodan village.

As per reports, the locals of a village in Boisar suspected an individual with erratic behaviour who had been wandering in the village for the past two days.

Meanwhile, the brother of the deceased began searching for him. The accused mercilessly assaulted him as well, inflicting fatal injuries.

Subsequently, the attacker attempted another assault on Rupesh Patil’s house, but the door was securely locked from inside. Sensing danger, the residents raised an alarm, prompting the assailant to flee into the darkness and take cover in a marshy area outside the village.

Upon receiving information about the incident, local police arrived at the scene, and residents joined forces to track down the assailant. Later, it was discovered that the suspect had concealed himself in the marshland near a pond in the jungle.

Police arrested the alleged killer from a nearby mud pond in the forest area.