Lord Buddha’s holy relics make sacred journey to Thailand from India

New Delhi [India], February 22 (ANI): In a historic event that resonates deeply with Buddhist communities worldwide, the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) announced the commencement of a sacred journey.

The revered relics of the Lord Buddha and those of his disciples, Arhant Sariputta and Arhant Mahamogallana, are on a sacred journey from India to Thailand, where an exposition of the relics has been organised.

In a post on X, the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) stated, “A momentous occasion unfolds as the Holy Buddha relics, along with the relics of his first two disciples, Arhant Sariputta and Arhant Mahamogallana, embark on a sacred journey. The holy relics departed from New Delhi bound for Bangkok, where they will be displayed for the public to pray.”

The International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), a global organisation dedicated to promoting Buddhist values and fostering interfaith dialogue, facilitated this momentous occasion.

With a mission to nurture the rich heritage of Buddhism and propagate its teachings, the IBC serves as a unifying force for Buddhist communities across the globe.

These relics, revered as sacred artifacts embodying the spiritual essence of the Buddha and his enlightened disciples, evoke reverence and devotion among devotees.

The journey represents a symbolic bridge between India, the birthplace of Buddhism, and Thailand, a country deeply steeped in Buddhist traditions and heritage.

Indian Ambassador to Thailand Nagesh Singh said, “This is a landmark event for the Indo-Thai relations… Thailand is referred to as a civilizational neighbour, given the connection we have of Buddhism, Hinduism, and language, which is derived from Pali and Sanskrit, Lord Buddha. More than 90% of the population in Thailand is Buddhist. These relics, especially of Lord Buddha, are the living embodiment of the Lord. It’s a very big event, and it also coincides with the 72nd birth year of the king, Rama 10th.”

In Bangkok, the relics will be enshrined and prominently displayed for public veneration, offering devotees a rare opportunity to pay homage and seek blessings.

The exposition of these relics serves as a spiritual beacon, drawing pilgrims and seekers from far and wide to partake in this sacred experience.

The convergence of the Holy Buddha Relic and the relics of Arhant Sariputta and Arhant Mahamogallana epitomizes the timeless bond between the teacher and his foremost disciples.

Beyond religious symbolism, the exposition of these sacred relics embodies the universal values of compassion, wisdom, and inner peace, resonating with seekers of truth across the globe.