Karnataka: Nadda urges voters to press right button in polls as wrong button can lead to ‘chaos’

Vijaypura (Karnataka) [India], January 21 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National President JP Nadda on Saturday, urged people to press the “right” button in polls, as pressing the wrong button could lead to chaos.

Addressing a public meeting here in Karnataka’s Vijaypur, Nadda said, “This finger has a lot of power. When it presses the right button, the right decisions are taken. If it presses the wrong button, chaos erupts.” It is pertinent to note that Karnataka is slated to undergo Assembly polls in the first half of this year.

He also said that PM Modi always values the tradition and culture of Karnataka, whereas Rahul Gandhi walks with those who “break” the country.

“When our Prime Minister comes to Karnataka, he talks about the pride of Karnataka by remembering the traditions, customs, poets, and writers of Karnataka. Whereas with Rahul Gandhi, those people are seen who have done the work of breaking India. That’s why I say that the development of Karnataka is only secure under BJP,” he said.

He also said that Karnataka is among the leading states in terms of infrastructural development.

“Karnataka has seen unparalleled development under the BJP and is among the leading States as regards infrastructural development in the country. The contribution of the state can never be neglected,” he said.

Emphasizing the COVID vaccination, he said that there is a “cent percent” vaccination in India.

“Isn’t there a cent percent vaccination in India? Only 76% of people in the US, and 64% in Europe are vaccinated, nobody knows about China,” he said.

He further said that today 40% of all UPI transactions worldwide are from India.
“In December 2022, there were 782 crore UPI transactions with a total transaction of Rs 13 lakh crore. Today, India accounts for 40% of all UPI transactions worldwide. In 2014, we used to import 92% of phones, today 97% of phones are being made in India,” he said.

Earlier in the day, JP Nadda inaugurated the Vijaya Sankalpa Abhiyan at the Nagathana Constituency in Vijayapura.
He also visited Jnanayogashram in Vijayapura, where he paid respects to Siddeshwara Maha Swami, and took blessings of Shri Basavalinga Maha Swami. (ANI)