KAAPA accused held for setting vehicles on fire inside police station

Kannur (Ker), Mar 14 (PTI) An accused under the Kerala Anti-social Activities (Prevention) Act (KAAPA) was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly setting vehicles on fire inside a police station compound in this district.

According to Police, Chandi Shameem set on fire the vehicles kept inside the Valapattanam police station compound around 3 am today.
After committing the crime, the accused took refuge in a multi-storey building near the police station.

Police took Shameem into custody using force after he allegedly resisted their move. He even tried to attack the policemen.

Three vehicles were completely charred and two others were partially damaged in the fire. The vehicles damaged in the incident belonged to persons connected with various cases, they said.

Shameem and his brother had come to the police station on Monday and created a ruckus inside the station. The brothers were said to be unhappy about the police following them and monitoring their activities.

Shameem managed to escape from the station on Monday, but police had taken his brother and their vehicle into custody.
However, Shameem returned to the station in the small hours of Tuesday and set the vehicles on fire, they added.

A vehicle belonging to Shameem was also among the ones that got damaged in the blaze. A case has been registered and further investigation is underway.