Jonathan Bailey praises his ‘Wicked’ co-star Cynthia Erivo, calls her “incredible”

England [UK], December 11 (ANI): Actor Jonathan Bailey is ecstatic to take on another new role next year, and with good reason. The British actor plays Fiyero, the love interest of Elphaba, portrayed by Cynthia Erivo in the highly anticipated film adaptation of ‘Wicked’, which will be broken into two parts.

It was an honour to share the stage with the Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award-winning actress, he said, reported People.

“Having watched her (Cynthia Erivo) perform and doing opposite her and just seeing what she’s doing is pretty incredible,” Bailey told People.

To be able to star in ‘Wicked’, Bailey, 35, had to balance a hectic schedule. In one week, he shot scenes for Showtime’s ‘Fellow Travellers’, in which he co-starred with Matt Bomer, in Toronto on Friday, Bridgerton in London on Saturday, and Wicked choreography with Ariana Grande on Sunday. The actor refers to it as a “wild time.”

“I had an amazing dance coach in Toronto where I was, and we worked on the choreography on Sundays and any days off — not that I had any days off,” he adds. “Poor Matt [Bomer]. We shared a two-way trailer, so whenever I was dancing, I think I was rocking him either awake or to sleep.”

The cast of the ‘Wicked’ films, which will be released in November 2024 and November 2025, made the nonstop effort worthwhile, thanks in large part to Michelle Yeoh, Jeff Goldblum, and Bowen Yang.

“Everyone who’s involved is a theatre nerd,” Bailey said, adding that the group is now “completely bonded for life.”

Yeoh filmed her first scene with Bailey and Grande fresh off her Oscar win for Best Actress for ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’.

“I literally think the Oscar was just off-screen watching the scene as it took place,” he recalled. “Me and Ari were very giggle-y that day, and to see Michelle Yeoh sing and be brilliant was amazing.”

Bailey is optimistic that both ‘Wicked’ fans and newcomers will enjoy what they see. “It’s going to blow people’s minds,” he teases. “So get ready. You’ve got a year to prepare.” ‘Fellow Travelers’ airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on Showtime, reported People.