JNU issues rules for conduct on campus: Rs 20,000 fine for dharnas, Rs 10,000 for raising anti-national slogans

New Delhi [India], December 11 (ANI): Students at the Jawaharlal Nehru University can face a fine of Rs 20,000 for resorting to violence, holding dharnas, and hunger strikes on the campus and a fine of up to Rs 10,000 for raising anti-national slogans and inciting intolerance towards religion, caste or community.

The JNU Students’ Discipline and Conduct Rule has been issued following the approval by the highest decision-making body of the university on November 24.

A Chief Proctor Office manual listed the “rules of discipline and proper conduct of students of Jawaharlal Nehru University”.

The document accessed by ANI said, “It was strongly felt to review the existing disciplinary rules and regulations of the office of the Chief Proctor. There are no substantially approved rules and regulations on proper conduct and discipline of students by the statutory body (i.e Executive Council) of JNU in vogue.”

The pamphlet mentioned that a student (repeat offender) would be expelled if he or she was awarded 5 (five) or more punishments during the entire duration of the study.

Punishments have been listed for 28 types of “misconduct”, including blockage, indulging in gambling, unauthorised occupation of hostel rooms, use of abusive and derogatory language and committing forgery.

For hunger strikes, dharnas, group bargaining and any other form of protest by blocking the entrance or exit of any of the academic and/or administrative complexes or disrupting the movements of any member of the University community, a fine of up to Rs 20,000 will be levied.

Students can be fined up to Rs 6,000 for holding events without prior permission, and/or they may have to carry out JNU Community Service.

For printing, circulating or pasting posters/pamphlets (text or picture) carrying derogatory religious, communal, casteist or anti-national remarks and any activity that incites intolerance towards religion, caste or community and/or anti-national in nature which disturbs the peaceful atmosphere on the campus, a student can be fined upto Rs 10,000.

The JNU Students Union has condemned the new manual saying it is aimed at stifling the vibrant campus culture that has defined the university for decades.

“Such excessive regulations are intended to discourage open discussions, dissent, and intellectual exploration, which are fundamental to the spirit of our university. According to the new manual, protests before any academic building can lead to rustication, eviction from the hostel and a fine of Rs 20,000. Moreover, a student who commits any act that the JNU Admin considers to be of moral turpitude can be fined up to Rs 10,000,” the statement read.