“It is called Tamilian culture,” Malai Mandir President hails PM Modi ahead of Sengol installation

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 27 (ANI): Days after he took over as a minister in the Cabinet of the newly formed Congress government in Karnataka, Priyank Kharge has reiterated his party’s poll manifesto pledge to take decisive action against those attempting to disrupt peace in the State.

Priyank Kharge who was inducted into Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s cabinet as a Minister is yet to be allocated a portfolio.
Taking to Twitter, Kharge said, “The BJP leaders time and again, are daring us to ban the RSS. It is not like playing under the rule of the blind for so long. Now just once try to disturb the peace in society, do politics over the dead, or do any unconstitutional activity. Then we will show the power of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Constitution”.

Earlier on May 25, Kharge, who is son of Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge had said that any organisation that sows seeds of “discontent and disharmony” won’t be tolerated.

“Any organisation, either religious, political or social, who are going to sow seeds of discontent and disharmony in Karnataka will not be tolerated. We will tackle them legally and constitutionally – be it Bajrang Dal, PFI or any other organisation. We will not hesitate to ban them if they are going to be a threat to law and order in Karnataka,” the Congress Minister said.

Speaking on a possible rollback on the hijab ban in Karnataka, Priyank Kharge had said that the party will review and if necessary reject any bill that is not in favour of the people or is unconstitutional.

The Congress party in its manifesto for the Karnataka assembly election said that the party is committed to taking firm and decisive action against individuals and organisations spreading hatred among communities on grounds of caste and religion.