Israeli minister Gantz condemns US sanctions on IDF soldiers, calls it ‘dangerous precedent’

Tel Aviv [Israel], April 21 (ANI): Israeli war Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz joined a growing chorus of criticism by fellow politicians over US President Joe Biden’s administration decision to impose sanctions on a unit of Israel Defence Forces, calling it a ‘dangerous precedent’. He said it ‘conveys the wrong message’.

In a post on X, Benny Gantz wrote, “I have great appreciation for our American friends, but the decision to impose sanctions on an IDF unit and its soldiers sets a dangerous precedent and conveys the wrong message to our shared enemies during wartime.”

Calling the infantry unit “an inseparable part of the Israel Defence Forces,” Gantz added by saying that it’s “subject to military law and is responsible for operating in full compliance with international law.”

“The State of Israel has a strong, independent judicial system that evaluates meticulously any claim of a violation or deviation from IDF orders and code of conduct, and will continue to do so,” Gantz added.

Gantz’s comments came after reports of the US President sanctioning an IDF unit started to surface.

Citing reports, Fox News stated the Biden administration could announce sanctions against an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) battalion for alleged human rights violations in the West Bank before the October 7 assault on Israel by Hamas terrorists.

Axios, a Virginia-based American website reported that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken could announce sanctions against IDF battalion “Netzah Yehuda” within days.

This would, notably be the first time the US would be imposing sanctions on military units of Israel.

Meanwhile, Gantz, also said that Israel’s judicial system meticulously evaluates any claims of violation or deviation from IDF orders and code of conduct, according to Times of Israel. He also affirmed that he is committed to taking action to overturn this decision.

“I intend on acting to have this decision changed,” Gantz’s wrote further on X.

The tensions continue to simmer in the Middle East following Iran’s recent strikes on Israel, which were later followed by alleged Israeli airstrikes in Tehran. This also comes at a time when the Israel-Hamas war is in its seventh month and there is no update on the ceasefire in the foresight.

The conflict in Gaza escalated after the October 7 attack by Hamas, where about 2,500 terrorists breached the border into Israel from the Gaza Strip, leading to casualties and the seizure of hostages.

Despite the passage of time, over 100 hostages continue to remain in Hamas’ captivity, their fate hanging in the balance amidst ongoing efforts to secure their release.