Israel Defence Minister Gallant meets with US Senators and former VP Mike Pence

Tel Aviv [Israel], January 8 (ANI/TPS): Israel’s Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant Met with a US Senate Delegation as well as former US Vice President Mike Pence. Both meetings were held at the Ministry of Defence headquarters in Tel Aviv and the Senate delegation comprised of members of the Committee for Intelligence including its chair Mark Warner, Angus King, John Cornyn, Kristen Gillibrand, Jonathan Ossoff, and Mark Kelly.

With Pence, Minister Gallant highlighted the importance of maintaining strong bipartisan support for Israel as it pursues its goals in the war: the release of 136 hostages held by Hamas in Gaza including US citizens and foreign nationals, and the dismantling of the Hamas terrorist organization.

They also discussed the “extraordinary cooperation between the respective defense establishments, on every level – including exchanges in operational know-how, intelligence and strategic policy dialogues.”

Gallant expressed his appreciation to VP Pence for his “longstanding friendship and contribution to US Israel ties throughout his career, and his ongoing commitment to the security of the State of Israel.”

His meeting with the Senate delegation focused on Iranian regional aggression via proxies, specifically on Hezbollah in the northern arena and Hamas in Gaza.

Minister Gallant also briefed the Senators on developments in the war in Gaza, detailing the importance of intelligence in pursuing the goals of the war – the destruction of Hamas’ military and governing capabilities, the elimination of Hamas leadership, and the detection and release of hostages held in Gaza.

The parties also discussed the strong ties and intimate collaboration between the intelligence communities of both countries and the joint work and information-sharing that are critical to Israel’s security, to regional stability, and to the lives of both Israeli and U.S. citizens and troops.