Israel Defence Forces share video explaining hostage situation in Gaza

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 21 (ANI): Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) on Tuesday morning posted a video on their X channel (formerly Twitter), depicting the reasons behind Hamas militant group supposedly using the Shifa Hospital as a place to hold hostages.

Along with the shared video was a text that read, “This is WHY Hamas brought hostages to the Shifa Hospital after the October 7 massacre. Why is Hamas still holding over 200 civilians hostage 44 days later?”

The military wing of the state of Israel declared, “This is the question the world should be asking.”

On October 7, Hamas conducted an offensive operation into Israel, reportedly rebelling against the Israeli regime. In the process, the group took over 200 people hostage, transporting them into the Gaza Strip.

In the video, the IDF said, “Thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, amidst their massacre, they abducted over 200 innocent people and brought them into Gaza by brute force.”

The video supposedly depicts an Israeli national being brought into the Al Shifa Hospital, the largest in Gaza.

Text over the video posted on X claims that perhaps “the hostage needed medical treatment after their brutal abductions, but after terrorists kill, behead, rape and mutilate over 1200 civilians, it’s hard to believe that their motives were purely medical.”

The video does not provide details to the people shown in the video.

The Al Shifa hospital was overrun by Israel Defence Forces (IDF) on November 15, with US President Joe Biden resting his full support behind the incursion.

Israel had reported that while breaching the medical facility they had battled and killed Hamas fighters, but that it was also bringing medical experts, Arabic speakers, as well as medical supplies including incubators and baby food. The IDF had previously reported a tunnel system hidden beneath the Al-Shifa hospital.

Since October 7, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has killed at least 10,022 Palestinians, including 4,104 children, and 1,400 Israelis, reports Al Jazeera.

The UN Humanitarian Aid Coordination Office, OCHA, says that more than 1,000 people are missing and are presumed dead or trapped under rubble.