India being looked upon as bright spot by world: Piyush Goyal

New Delhi [India], May 24 (ANI): Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal on Wednesday said that India has emerged from the shadows of the past and is being looked upon as a bright spot by the world.

Addressing the industry body CII’s Annual Session 2023, “Future Frontiers: Competitiveness, Technology, Sustainability and Internationalization” in New Delhi on Wednesday, the minister said that with adequate focus on innovation, quality and talent of the people, the sky’s the limit for India’s growth.

Goyal said that it is incumbent to educate and enlighten the population as the demographic dividend with its technological and managerial talent is a treasure for the country.

He highlighted that many countries across the globe are keen on fast-tracking the free-trade agreements with India now. He said India is now not just talking but negotiating trade deals with Canada, UK, EU and this shows the increased importance of India in the global order.

He said that this is a new India which engages with the world from a position of strength believing in its capabilities and calibre.

Comparing India’s economy with the previous government’s tenure, he said that nine years ago, there were many challenges stalling the economic development of India and at that time India and was among the fragile five countries in the world, but the nine years of government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led to transformation beyond imagination.

He said that the last nine years have been unprecedented as inflation has been consistently under control in the range of 4-4.5 per cent, except for a short period in 2022.