“India-Australia ties based on mutual trust, respect…real power is all of you”: PM Modi at community event in Sydney

Sydney [Australia], May 23 (ANI): Noting that bilateral ties between India and Australia were earlier seen to be defined by 3Cs- Commonwealth, Cricket and Curry, then by ‘Democracy, Diaspora and Dosti’ and later

‘Energy, Economy and Education’ emerged as a key component, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that he believes the relationship is “beyond this” and “it is mutual trust and mutual respect”.

Addressing a community event in Sydney on the second day of his visit to Australia, PM Modi credited the Indian diaspora in Australia as being a force behind mutual respect and trust between the two countries.

“Earlier, it was said that India and Australia relationship is defined by 3Cs- Commonwealth, Cricket and Curry. Then it was said that our relationship is defined by ‘Democracy, Diaspora and Dosti. Some people also said that our relationship depends on Energy, Economy and Education.

But I believe that the relation between India-Australia is beyond this, it is mutual trust and mutual respect,” he said to a packed arena at Sydney Olympic Park.

“Mutual trust and mutual respect have not developed only due to the diplomatic relations of India-Australia. The real reason, the real power is – all of you Indians who live in Australia,” he added.

PM Modi arrived at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney along with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese to a rousing welcome.

The Prime Minister spoke about the linkages between the two countries with people repeatedly cheering his remarks.

“Our lifestyles may be different but now Yoga also connects us. We have been connected due to cricket for a long. But now tennis and films are also connecting us. We might prepare food in different manners but Masterchef is connecting us now,” he said.

PM Modi also mentioned Sameer Pandey over his being elected as the Lord Mayor of Parramatta in Australia.

In his remarks, Anthony Albanese referred to the warm welcome accorded to PM Modi by the diaspora and people in Australia.

“The last time I saw Bruce Springsteen on this stage, he didn’t get the kind of reception that Prime Minister Modi got. PM Modi is the boss,” he said.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Prime Minister Modi to Australia. My first year as Prime Minister is what I am celebrating today.

I have met my friend PM six times but there is nothing better than standing on stage with him like this, it is a pleasure to welcome PM Modi here. But I must say that the warmth and energy that is here tonight are second to none,” he added.