Here’s how to make Kendall Jenner’s Chai-tini

In a whirlwind of social media frenzy, Kendall Jenner, renowned model and entrepreneur, has once again captured the attention of her fans and cocktail enthusiasts alike with her latest creation – the Chai-Tini.

The cocktail features the warm and spicy notes of chai latte combined with the smooth taste of tequila for a unique and flavorful drink. Jenner’s recipe uses her brand of tequila, 818 Reposado, alongside Amarula cream liqueur, Tazo chai latte concentrate, oat milk, and chocolate bitters.

The recipe for the Chai-Tini is simple yet sophisticated, blending 2 ounces of 818 tequila with 0.5 ounces of Amarula liqueur, 1.5 ounces of Tazo chai latte, 0.5 ounces of oat milk, and three dashes of chocolate bitters. The ingredients are shaken together to create a smooth and velvety texture that tantalizes the taste buds with every sip.

Jenner shared the recipe with her followers on social media, along with a video demonstration of how to make the Chai-Tini at home.

The Chai-Tini has been praised for its unique flavor profile, which combines the warmth of chai spices with the boldness of tequila. The addition of Amarula liqueur adds a touch of sweetness, while the oat milk lends a creamy texture that balances out the drink perfectly.

Fans of Kendall Jenner and cocktail enthusiasts alike have been quick to sing the praises of the Chai-Tini, with many declaring it a new favorite for cocktail hour. Its popularity has sparked a trend of celebrity-inspired cocktails, with fans eagerly awaiting the next creation from their favorite stars.

Whether you’re a fan of Kendall Jenner or simply looking to shake up your cocktail routine, the Chai-Tini is definitely worth a try. So grab your shaker, gather the ingredients, and get ready to experience a taste sensation.