Game changer CEO invites students and professionals of Bengal

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], March 14 (ANI/GPRC): The architect of the gaming industry in Eastern India, Arup Roy in his recent speech on 8th March has invited students and youth to participate in his mission to uplift Bengal into a global hub for the international gaming industry. An artist, organizer, founder, entrepreneur, mentor and a terrific leader- Roy single-handedly attracted the attention of the international gaming fraternity towards Bengal.

Roy is the founder of India’s leading game development company, Red Apple Technologies. Headquartered in New Delhi, Red Apple Technologies has its biggest production house in Kolkata. An ISO-certified organization which has successfully executed hundreds of projects on cutting-edge gaming technologies. From a Government Art College graduate to one of the most promising CEOs of the Indian technology industry, Roy’s exemplary journey makes him the pioneer of the gaming industry in West Bengal.

With the intention to serve his native birthplace, Roy decided to establish the first production house of Red Apple in Kolkata. His sole objective was to generate jobs for local students and youth of Bengal. Bengal has always been stigmatized with our century old obsession for government jobs, medical or engineering.

This obsession however did impose a serious challenge at the time he incorporated Red Apple Technologies. He was also determined to attract foreign investments in Bengal by catering to international clients with gaming technology. This decision turned out to be a game changer as the then technology industry in West Bengal was in its infancy with companies operating only in core IT and zero presence of gaming technology.

He did also observe the humongous migration of local youths of Bengal to other states either in search of job opportunities or to acquire advanced job skills. Witnessing the woes of Bengali students, Roy did come up with the plan of “Gamepowering” them through quality training and job creation. In order to retain and nurture fresh talents in West Bengal, Arup Roy established Red Apple Learning happened in the year 2020. In the first year of its inception, Red Apple Learning was inundated with student applications from all across the country. Till date Red Apple has trained and hired hundreds of students and professionals from Bengal. Through Red Apple Learning, Roy is empowering students from diverse states, ethnicity, language and culture.

Presently, both Red Apple Technologies and Red Apple Learning are playing a significant role in shaping Bengal as an emerging capital of the Indian gaming industry. In his speech, Roy also asserted how he started his journey with a single employee with an office at Park Street, Kolkata. Presently Red Apple Technology is providing end-to-end business solutions to all major industries with perfection elan. The company also harbors more than 250 employees all across India. Thus Roy played a quintessential role in restraining skilled designers and programmers from migrating to other cities or states.

On 8th March Red Apple celebrated International Women’s Day along with 101st birth anniversary of Ralph Baer (father of video games) in both their campuses in Kolkata. During this occasion, Red Apple pledges to transform Bengal into a global destination for international gaming companies. With this objective Roy has unboxed a range of alluring opportunities for students and professionals in Bengal. They are determined to undertake the following efforts and initiatives in coming years.

1) Maximize the efforts of job generation in the gaming industry.
2) Undertake initiatives to restrain migration of skilled designers and programmers.
3) Create an inclusive, unbiased and gender-neutral work culture for students and employees of Red Apple.
4) Single window recruitment of skilled designers and programmers through institutional partnerships.
5) Affordable yet state-of-the-art training infrastructure for students and youth of Bengal.

6) Multiple Empowerment Centers across the state to help students from remote locations to have easy access to new-age technology and successful career.
7) Global industry-standard training with scholarship opportunities for deserving students.
8) Promotion of entrepreneurship and business leadership in Bengal through business collabs.
9) Associations with prominent colleges and universities to facilitate easy recruitment of credible students.

Furthermore, an internal survey revealed Red Apple as one of the best places to work at. Free health insurance, High and gender-equal pay grades, the company’s encouragement for maintaining work-life balance, scope for self-improvement, friendly and congenial work culture, job security and employee engagement programs are some of the key reasons to substantiate Red Apple as one of the most sought after workplaces in Bengal.

Roy, also asserted that gaming industry offers a treasure of opportunities for all. It has more than adequate demand for skilled resources in coming decades. India being the largest consumer of online games makes the industry self-reliant. The industry has the potential of hiring millions of professionals from diverse educational background in coming years.

Unlike core IT, Indian gaming industry offers an alluring road map to its employees. With the advent of gamification, gamevertising or adoption of AR/ VR technology by all other industries have flung open the treasure trove for Indian youth.

Any student or professional who wants to experience the treasure trove of gaming industry can visit their Red Apple Salt Lake Sector-V campus in Kolkata and can get to know everything about career, prospect or vacancies at Red Apple. Roy concluded his speech with this long-cherished belief- he who can dream it can achieve it.
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