Disney+ delights ‘Bluey’ fans with new episode drop

Washington [US], April 21 (ANI): Disney+ has delighted fans of the beloved animated series ‘Bluey’ with a surprise new episode dropping on Sunday.

The reports from Deadline confirmed that the latest installment titled ‘Surprise’, promises to deliver more of the heartwarming and hilarious adventures that have endeared Bluey and her family to audiences worldwide.

Premiered at 12 am PT on Disney+, ‘Surprise’ also had a broadcast on Disney Junior at 7 am PT and on Disney Channel at 7:30 am PT, with multiple airings throughout the day to ensure fans don’t miss out on the fun.

The release of ‘Surprise’ follows the recent airing of the April 7th episode ‘Ghostbasket’ and the highly acclaimed special ‘The Sign,’ which garnered praise from viewers of all ages.

Created and written by Joe Brumm, ‘Bluey’ follows the adventures of a lovable Blue Heeler dog named Bluey, along with her Mum, Dad, and little sister, Bingo.

With boundless energy, Bluey leads her family and neighborhood friends in games that unfold in unpredictable and amusing ways, showcasing the joy of play and the warmth of family bonds.

In an interview obtained by Deadline, Brumm reflected on the inspiration behind ‘Bluey’.

He revealed his admiration for the comedy series ‘Gavin and Stacey,’ which influenced his approach to creating a show that appeals to both children and parents alike.

“I loved how it genuinely crossed generations, like The Simpsons back in the day. I thought ‘Why shouldn’t a kids’ show make parents laugh too?’ When the time came to do Bluey, that became the challenge,” Brumm explained.

Drawing comparisons to the popular English animated series ‘Peppa Pig,’ Brumm emphasized the importance of capturing the essence of Australian life without relying on stereotypical symbols.

“That’s what I wanted my show to do – to feel Australian but not with kangaroos and koalas, just by capturing the fabric of everyday life,” he stated.

As ‘Bluey’ continues to charm audiences with its relatable humor and heartfelt storytelling, the surprise episode titled ‘Surprise’ promises to offer another delightful dose of family-friendly entertainment for viewers of all ages to enjoy.