Congress is running ‘Corruption Ki Dukan’: BJP

Congress is running ‘Corruption Ki Dukan’, said MP Lok Sabha Jugal Kishore Sharma while addressing a press conference at BJP Headquarters, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.

BJP Chief Spokesperson Adv. Sunil Sethi, spokesperson Arun Gupta and spokesperson Altaf Thakur accompanied the MP Jugal Kishore Sharma.

Jugal Kishore, while addressing the media, said that Congress has once again proved itself to be infected with corruption. He said that more than 210 Crore rupees have already been found from the house of Congress MP Sahu and still the searches are going on.

“Rahul Gandhi speaks of ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukaan’, but they are running the ‘Corruption Ki Dukaan'”, said Jugal.

“Dheeraj Sahu is very close to Rahul Gandhi. Dheeraj Sahu was also with Rahul Gandhi in Bharat Jodo Yatra. Despite finding more than Rs 210 crore in cash, top Congress leaders Sonal Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge are maintaining silence on this. Why?”, asked MP Jugal Kishore.

“If a single Congress MP is found with cash amounting to 210 crore rupees, one might wonder about the extent of cash possession by other Congress MPs. Consequently, the Gandhi family is often considered one of the most corrupt families in the world. The reality is that they have been involved in Corruption from head to toe”, Jugal said.

Jugal Kishore also said that where there is a representative of Congress, there is a guarantee that they will engage in corruption. He also said that every now and then, the INDI Alliance indulges in corruption and plunder. When investigative agencies do their job and catch the black sheep, these corrupt leaders level accusations against these agencies.

Sunil Sethi said that the parties like Congress follow the faith of corruption, but PM Modi has made it clear in a tweet that whatever has been looted from the public, every penny will have to be returned, this is Modi’s guarantee.

Meanwhile, BJP leaders led by BJP NEM Priya Sethi, J&K BJP Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, former MLC Ch. Vikram Randhawa, Secretary Veenu Khanna, BJYM President Arun Parbhat, district President Rekha Mahajan, Puneet Mahajan, Jeet Angral, Yash Paul Singh and others also held a massive protest near Press Club, Jammu.

Priya Sethi, addressing in the protest, said that Congress leaders are enriching themselves with the ill-gotten gains of corruption, and all these funds are funneled into the coffers of the Gandhi family.

Yudhvir Sethi, speaking on the occasion, accused the Congress of looting the public while trying to fool them with irrelevant utterances.