Congres Leaders Congratulate Pahari community for ST

Jammu,Feb 12:- Several Senior Pahari leaders of Congress party have congratulated the people of Pahari tribe over the achievement of  ST status after the struggle of several decades of the pahari community & remembered the Pahari leadership of different shades & expressed gratitude to the successive governments for support to the struggle.

In a statement senior Congress leaders of pahari tribe including  Former Minister Shabir Ahmed Khan, Former Dy Chairman Legislative Council Jahangir Hussain Mir & Former MLC Ravinder Sharma have expressed  joy over the fulfilment of long pending demand of Pahari community & remembered the contributions of several stalwarts of the community,irrespective of their political shades, in the long  drawn struggle & paid rich tributes to all of them, for their contributions to the cause. 

They recalled the services of several great stalwarts of the pahari movement from seventies &  early eighties who achieved the recognition of Pahari as a language in the 6th schedule of j&K Constitution in seventies, got the case for scheduled tribe status recommended to centre in 1989,secured Constitution of Pahari people welfare board in 1993 and achieved so many milestones including unanimous resolution of state Assembly and passing of bill of 5 percent reservation in 2014 in both houses. The  case fo ST status was recommended time and again by the successive governments of different political parties   including the present one who supported the pahari cause which culminated into success now. 

They thanked present  centre government and UT administration and all successive governments  in past and  all political parties of different ideological shades for their  whole hearted support  to the cause of pahari people, which resulted into the acceding  of our demand & success of the struggle today. They said it’s time to recall and remember all those people including political ,social,intellectual & cultural personalities & other activists who struggled a lot and contributed in their own ways.