JAMMU June 10, 2023: A group of 30 B.Tech. students from the Central University of Jammu, Samba, has been selected to participate in an esteemed internship program at the renowned Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
The program offers an exceptional opportunity for these students to gain hands-on experience and valuable insights into the field of space science and technology. The selected students, who are pursuing their Bachelor’s degrees in Electronics and Communication (ECE) – Avionics and ECE, will have the privilege of working alongside distinguished scientists and researchers at IIST, which is known for its contributions to the Indian space program.

The internship program aims to provide the students with exposure to cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art facilities, and real-world challenges in the field of space science. During their internship, the students will have the opportunity to work on various research projects related to satellite technology, astrophysics, space exploration, and other areas of space science.
The Central University of Jammu has been actively promoting research and collaboration with leading institutions to enhance the educational experience of its students. This internship program at IIST is one of the many initiatives taken by the university to foster innovation and provide its students with exposure to cutting-edge technologies and research methodologies.
Dr. Haneet Kour and Dr. Gourav Kumar have accompanied the students as Faculty Coordinators from the Central University, Jammu, on the one-month internship

This prestigious internship program not only reflects the academic prowess of the students from the Central University of Jammu but also highlights the university’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing them with the right opportunities to excel in their chosen fields.
Prof. Sanjeev Jain, Vice Chancellor, CUJ, is delighted to extend heartfelt best wishes to the students who have been selected for the prestigious Space Science Internship program. The Vice Chancellor expressed their deep appreciation, stating, “I extend my sincere gratitude to the Director and Registrar, IIST for providing this incredible opportunity to our students. The internship program at IIST is held in high regard, and the participation of our students will undoubtedly enhance their academic and professional development. We are truly grateful for this collaboration, as it opens doors to invaluable experiences and expands the horizons of our students.”

Prof. Vinay Kumar, Head, DNSM & Convenor Satish Dhawan Centre for Space Sciences, CUJ, expressed his delight in sending the students to IIST owing to the MOU between the two institutions. He further emphasized the significance of such collaborations in providing students with hands-on training and exposure to real-world scenarios. This internship program not only strengthens the academic foundation of our students but also nurtures their passion for space science and research.

Dr. N Selvaganesh, Professor and Head, Department of Avionics at IIST, said that the institution is eagerly looking forward to welcoming the students from the Central University of Jammu. He expressed enthusiasm about the internship program, emphasizing their goal of offering the students a platform to delve into their passion within the relevant field.